Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tuesday Is The New Friday

Random party picture that has nothing to do with my
post, but I thought it'd get your attention.
This past Tuesday, I went buck wild and spent $7.  You know, sometimes you just have to treat yourself for no particular reason.  "Treat yourself?!" you might exclaim. "What kind of treat can you get for only $7?!"  Well, let me tell you, my friends.  For just $7, less than an hour's work at minimum wage, I watched "The Hangover 2" in theaters, had my fill of movie theater popcorn and topped it off with an ice cream sundae.  Want me to let you in on my frugal secrets?

It's simple:  Go out on Tuesday.

Every Tuesday, at the Regal Promenade 13 theaters in Rolling Hills Estates (near Palos Verdes), every 2D movie is only $5 all day/night.  Popcorn is also only $2 on Tuesdays.  And because the theater is near Palos Verdes, the most suburban of suburbs (everything closes at 6 pm), the theater itself was rather empty, especially for a movie like "The Hangover 2", which just opened over the weekend.

"But where did you get the ice cream sundae?" you might ask.  "The movie theater doesn't serve ice cream sundaes!"  Correct!  The movie theater does not serve ice cream sundaes, but Norm's in Torrance does.  We were hungry after the movie and the only thing open that late was Norm's.  As I walked in the front door of Norm's, I saw a poster that said "Free Ice Cream Sundae with a ticket stub from a local movie theater".  I was expecting to only get one (1) ice cream sundae for the table, but the offer allows one (1) ice cream sundae for EVERY ticket stub (with minimum $5.99 purchase)!  So we all got ice cream sundaes!  I confirmed with the waitress that you don't have to go to Norm's on the same day that you went to the movies.  Just go within 2 weeks and you can still get your free ice cream sundae (with minimum $5.99 purchase).

So there it is!  That's how I enjoyed a fun filled evening for only $7 (excluding cost of food).  Now if only I didn't pump $5 into that claw game/machine with the stuffed animals.  Those things are so addicting!!

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