Saturday, May 28, 2011

Meah, What's Up, Doc?

Meet Storm:

I met Storm and about thirty (yes, thirty) other bunnies while going for a run in my neighborhood.  I never knew this, but an organization called operates just a few blocks away from me! is a "no kill" organization, run completely by volunteers, that is dedicated to finding homes for domesticated rabbits that have been abused, abandoned or neglected.  This organization is headed by a lady named Linda, who is quite possibly the sweetest and kindest lady in the world!

My girlfriend and I were going for our regular (ok, occasional...) run through the neighborhood when we noticed a bunch of bunnies hopping around on the other side of the street.  We jogged over to meet these fluffy balls of joy and were led down the rabbit hole into a bunny sanctuary!  Linda had transformed an open yard into a safe haven for bunnies that were probably purchased from a pet store right before Easter and then abandoned a week later.

The bunny city was a living piece of art.  There were hutches high and low; some connected with pipes so the bunnies could visit each other.  You would never know that 30 bunnies lived there because they don't make any noise.

It felt like we were in the country as a few bunnies hopped around our feet and the aroma of hay filled the air.  Hay is used to line the hutches and also consists of about 80% of a rabbit's diet.

These bunnies were all rather low maintenance as they were litter trained and are self-cleaning, much like cats.  Their poo looks like little marbles, are odorless, dry to the touch and taste like jelly beans.  Just kidding on the last part.

Bunnies make the perfect pet for people on the go as they do not require much attention.  As long as they have food, water and a small area to hop around in, they are happy.  Having a rabbit as a pet can be rewarding and therapeutic for people who are tired of the L.A. hustle and bustle.  Rabbits have a calm demeanor and are happy to listen to your problems as you pet them.

Photo courtesy Mark Okamoto,
used with permission from Mia's mother
Meet Mia.  She is three years old and was diagnosed with a condition called amblyopia, otherwise known as "lazy eye".  One of the treatments for amblyopia is to wear an eye patch anywhere from two to eight hours a day so that the weaker eye can develop better vision.  This treatment has drawbacks because when the good eye is patched, the child cannot see clearly and becomes frustrated and uncooperative.  Often times, it is difficult to keep the eye patch on a child for extended periods of time.

E.B., the black and white bunny pictured above, was introduced to Mia to help her with her treatment.  E.B. only has one eye, as the other one fell victim to a dog attack some time ago.  When Mia is around E.B., she wears her eye patch so that E.B. doesn't feel bad for having only one eye.  I could tell that E.B. really cared about Mia as he let her carry him around like a stuffed animal.  I've never seen another creature so calm when being improperly carried by a three year old child.  We eventually showed Mia how to properly support E.B. so he wouldn't be at risk of being accidentally dropped.

Linda from would love nothing more than to match you with the perfect bunny for your family.  The bunnies are all fixed and litter trained, and adoption is always free.  She'll teach you everything you need to know about carrying and communicating with your bunny (yes, bunnies have their own language) and will even bunny-sit if you need to go out of town.  If for whatever reason you decide that you're not able care for your bunny anymore, Linda will be happy to take the bunny back so that it can be placed with another family.  There's no reason for the bunny to be abandoned twice.

Now what would I be if I told you to adopt a bunny and didn't adopt one myself?  (Hint: rhymes with hypocrite)  Meet MAC!  She's the latest addition to the L.A. Graffiti family!  We named her MAC after the cosmetics company because of her dramatic, smokey eye shadow.

If you would like to adopt a bunny, please leave a comment below and I will put you in touch with the awesome people from

I leave you with the mind-blowing cuteness of MAC eating a chunk of pineapple.

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