Thursday, April 28, 2011

Worn by Natasha Sanchez

Contrary to what the title says, this blog entry is not about a collection of clothes coming from the closet of one Natasha Sanchez.  Instead, it is an example of an artist poking the box to completion and producing an entertaining piece of written art.  Ms. Sanchez is already an accomplished interior designer, with her work seen in some of Las Vegas' most luxurious hotels and casinos, but she can now check off "become a published author" on her "things to do before I die" list with her recent release of "Worn", available on the Kindle or Kindle app via

Worn is a short psychological thriller set in New Mexico during the 1930's.  The story follows Ana, a young leather master and shoe maker, as she and her grandfather struggle to survive during the Great Depression, where robberies, lootings and murders are all too common.  Ana's nightly dreams foreshadow the events that are to come; or does she make them a reality all on her own?  The source of her best shoe collection just might send a chill down your spine.

The book is well written and easily digested as one engaging event leads to another.  The relationship between Ana and her grandfather is warm and comforting, at times reminding me of the days I spent with my grandfather in my youth.  Natasha has carved out a strong character with Ana as she is only 18, but knows very strongly what her heart desires.  Ana, like many of us, has dreams of moving to California to make her fortune.  The book doesn't focus so much on the physical surroundings of 1930's New Mexico, but rather the unfortunate events that each individual has to overcome to survive.  Worn is the first book in the trilogy, and I'm sure when your finger swipes across that Kindle or cell phone for the last page, you'll be chomping at the bit for parts two and three.

Where Natasha found the time to write and edit a book while designing/marketing/pitching for her own design firm, I will never know.  But the main thing to take away from this post is that she produced something and she shipped it.  As an artist, it's important not only to produce something, but also to make it available for the masses to enjoy.  It would be a shame if great art never made it past your front door.

Keep producing and shipping, my friends!  The times of large record labels/publishing houses/movie studios are gone!  Make your art and share it with the people!

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