Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Downtown LA Art Waddle

I somehow stumbled upon and noticed that there was going to be an art walk in downtown Los Angeles.  I looked at the date on the digital flyer and noticed that it matched the date on the lower corner of my screen.  "Guess what?" I yelled to my girlfriend, "We have something to do tonight!  And it's cultural!"

After arriving in downtown and circling around for almost 20 minutes looking for (free) parking, I realized that everyone else had the same idea too!  Why not go to an art walk?  It's free, it's a gorgeous evening and you can be a little more cultured (or at least pretend to).

There were sooo many people at the art walk that it made it almost difficult to enjoy the evening.  There were times when it was so crowded, I could only waddle as if I were in the middle of a dance floor in Las Vegas on a Saturday night.  Have art walks become too "mainstream"?  I remember the days when "art walk" meant that a bunch of galleries and museums would be open to the public on a particular evening and the sidewalks didn't seem any more crowded than any regular night.  Now the art walks are sponsored by large companies, complete with giveaways, samples and endless viral marketing.  Has commercialism finally made its way into the art scene?  Can we have nothing for ourselves anymore?!

The food trucks have already "sold out" to commercialism.  What used to be secret, "in-the-know" roaming dispensaries of deliciousness have now become twitter-whores with giant Brisk Iced Tea ads canvasing an entire side of the truck.  With that being said, the only reason I have twitter is to follow these food trucks and I love getting free iced tea with my food.  =)

The art walk wasn't entirely a bust.  I got to see some great art and found myself saying "I could do that too!" or "I've thought about doing something like that.  I should be an artist too."  Well, the difference between me and the people exhibiting at the art walk was that they were doing it.  They were making the things that made them happy while I only talked about the idea of making things.

Be careful not to fall in love with just the idea of doing something; fall in love with doing it.

Here are some pieces of art that made me smile:

The Magic Is Gone
Girl On Girl On Girl Action

Let's Get Toasted

The End Is Near

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