Thursday, March 14, 2013

100 Pounds Of Free Bacon!

How do you make an already awesome art show even more awesome?  Easy: you hand out 100 pounds of FREE BACON!!  This is not a joke.  This Saturday, March 16th, Bacon Social will be hosting a celebration of art, food, music and culture in the hip warehouse district of downtown Los Angeles.  This monthly celebration (read: free bacon every month!) features the work of over 20 local artists and photographers as well as four different band performances, an arcade room, and of course FREE BACON!

I don't know why I'm only just now hearing about Bacon Social, but I'm not wasting any time in sharing it with my L.A. Graffiti-ers!  For a mere $7 cover charge (seriously, this is a CHEAP night out in L.A.) you'll get to absorb some artwork, possibly find something inspiring, and play some arcade games all while sipping on some adult beverages and munching on bacon themed snacks to the tune of four different local bands.  Honestly, I don't know where else I would go to get that much value for $7!

Go HERE to learn more about Bacon Social and this month's featured artists and musicians.  There's even a page where you can apply to have your own artwork or music featured at the next Bacon Social!

Don't forget to RSVP on Facebook so you can invite your friends and let them know that you're going out to get some free bacon!

If you see me at Bacon Social, make sure you stop me and say "hi"!