Friday, March 16, 2012

$5 Tuesdays: "Project X"

Since I was a decent student in high school, taking almost every honors course available, my most outrageous house party moment was when I accidentally spilled a plate of chips and salsa on my parents' carpet.  And because I don't find it cool to drink until you can't stand anymore, I turn to the movies to watch stupidity unfold so that I don't actually have to be around it.

My recent exposure to poor decision making came courtesy of this week's $5 Tuesday movie, Project X.

In a nutshell, Project X is this generation's American Pie, but with a whole lot of The Hangover thrown in.  It was one ridiculous event after another, with an emphasis on the absurd, but that's what I was expecting so the movie really wasn't throwing a curve ball at me.

While the film had its funny moments, it was difficult for me to watch due to all the disrespect being thrown around non-chalantly by all of the teenagers.  There was no respect for someone else's property, law enforcement or even each other.  Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse for the main character, things got ten times worse, but it was OK because he was popular now.  This was probably the biggest problem I had with the movie because it wrongfully portrayed that destroying an entire neighborhood block, causing a riot and endangering the lives of yourself and your peers was considered "cool".

I'm really not sure what else to say about the movie; it had no plot, the characters weren't believable and there was no cinematic value as the entire film was shot as a home movie, with some scenes coming straight off of a Flip Cam.

Was Project X worth $5? While the movie sent a horrible message to our impressionable and increasingly less guided youth, it was still entertaining and worth $5, but not a penny more.

Update from a reader: looks like my worst fears came true with a copy cat party ending in a death.  Go HERE to read the full news report.

Watch it on the big screen or rent? There really is no reason to watch this movie in theaters; in fact, it might be better to watch it at home so you don't get nauseous with all of the shaky camera work.  You'll also have the freedom to turn it off at any moment and stick it right back into the Netflix envelope and hope a better movie comes in the mail tomorrow.

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