Monday, August 8, 2011

How To Graffiti The Walls Of NYC Without Getting Caught

Have you ever wanted to put your personal touch on some of the bland walls of NYC?  Have you ever wanted to do that without the potential of being arrested or fined by NYC's finest?  Well, now you can!  And from the comfort of your own home!!

Introducing the "Walls Notebook"!

From the website:
"Walls Notebook is a notebook/sketchbook that features 80 pictures of "clean" NYC walls instead of blank pages.  Write, draw, paste, or doodle on these inspirational backdrops.  You'll be one step closer to being the street artist you've always wanted to be... minus the jail time."

This was too cool for me to not share.  Maybe they'll do a Los Angeles edition?  And package it with mini-spray paint cans?  One can only hope.

Check out some of the "clean" NYC walls, just calling your name.

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