Monday, July 18, 2011

It'sa Me-ah! Maaario!

Well, CARmageddon was a complete bust, just like the Y2K bug, the rapture and 7-Eleven's free slurpee day (I couldn't find parking at 7-Eleven!).  Since nobody was driving on the freeways, I assume/hope all of you took the time to get to know your neighborhood a little better.

My latest gem of a discovery is a pizza bar in Santa Monica called Stella Rossa.  It's a wine bar (they also have some craft beers) that serves some fantastic artisan style pizzas, "highlighting a range of sustainable, locally grown ingredients found at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market and sourced by nearby purveyors."  If you like your pizza crusts crispy on the outside and doughy on the inside, you're going to be in heaven here!

I'm a night owl so I was really happy to learn that the kitchen stays open until midnight, Monday through Saturday, and 11 pm on Sunday.  They also have a late night happy hour boasting $4 beers and $5 glasses of wine!

This is a perfect place to take a date (you'll appear well-cultured with all the wines and artisan style pizzas around) before you go galavanting around town at one of the nightclubs on Main St.

What did you discover this weekend?  Share your neighborhood finds in the comments below!

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