Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Death Of Man

For my regular readers, you'll remember when I posted about the horrible fashion choices that men made while going out at night in Hollywood.  (Go HERE for a refresher)  It saddens me to report that the problem has gotten far worse.  The idea of "man" that was once classy, masculine and suave has been reduced to something that I don't even have words for.

I'll just have to let you decide for yourself how bad the situation is with photos that I took while attending a clothing collection launch at the ridiculously overpriced vintage/hipster headquarters, American Rag Cie.

I'm not even sure what's going on here.  You've got one guy with his pajama pants tucked into his socks, and another guy wearing a skirt.  Don't tell me that's a kilt because he's clearly not Scottish and that's definitely just a skirt.

These two guys don't own a mirror and obviously borrowed their little brother's clothes from 1987.  Is the guy on the right wearing jeggings?!

What's happening here?!  The bigger question is how did he get his feet through the bottom of his jeans?!  He must be the leader of the hipster gang.

The only well dressed guy in the place was Fantastic Mr. Fox with his classy riding jacket and boots.

As you can see from the above photos, "man" is clearly dead, and nobody smiles for the camera anymore because they're in too much pain from their too tight jeans.

To help you recover from the fashion train-wreck above, here's a photo of the impeccably dressed Tom Ford.

Post your thoughts on today's fashion trends below!

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