Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How To Dress Hollywood?

I've been told on numerous occasions by talent managers that I dress too well.  According to them, dressing well ages my look and can sometimes prevent people from casting me in younger, more hip roles.  They've all recommended that I dress more "Hollywood".  But what does it mean to dress Hollywood?  Join me as I explore this phenomenon.

I've always been clean cut when it comes to wardrobe and style.  I tend to buy t-shirts and button-downs that are fitted, I wear a nice sport coat/blazer when I go out in the evenings and sometimes I'll slap on a skinny tie or throw on a vest.  While walking to my evening destination with my girlfriend gently on my arm, I've overheard female passersby exhale: "finally, a guy with style..."  But now that I think about it, the ladies passing by were of the more "mature" variety.  Does this mean that young Hollywood has no style?  With the way some of them behave in the clubs, I think it's also safe to say that they have no class... but that's an entirely different problem altogether.

Let's take a look at today's style (or lack thereof):

Here is an example of something you might find me in, courtesy of Express.

Below are examples of what young Hollywood is wearing.  These photos were taken inside some of Hollywood's hottest night spots, courtesy of Guest of a Guest LA

Haven't bought clothes since middle school, eh?

Hanes, his way.

Spare any change?

What happened to the days when you had to at least have a collar and nice shoes to get into a club?  Sigh.

From my research, in order to dress "Hollywood", I need to look like a broke, unemployed middle schooler who's clothes were picked out by his color blind mother.  I also need to look like I haven't showered or groomed in a few days.  It's sad that Hollywood associates "youth" with lack of style and class.

How do we stop this grotesque trend from spiraling out of control?  Pretty soon you won't be able to differentiate between a homeless person and an aspiring Hollywood actor, save for the cup of change on the floor.  Will history repeat itself?  Will the classy days of Humphrey Bogart and Cary Grant return?

Well, I'm off to K-mart to buy some white Hanes undershirts and some black horn-rimmed glasses.  Young Hollywood, here I come!!

Post your thoughts on today's fashion below!

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